BIIAB Level 2 Award for Personal Licence Holders

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BIIAB Level 2 Award for Personal Licence Holders


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This qualification is aimed at anyone who wishes to work in licensed premises where alcohol is sold. You will look at licensing authorities; at the responsibilities of the personal license holder; police powers; rights of entry; specific prohibitions; strengths of alcoholic drinks; responsible retail of alcohol; and the protection of children from harm.

On completion of this course, candidates will hold a licensing qualification with which they can apply for the Personal Licence.

Anyone who authorises the sale of alcohol to the public (as per the legal requirement in England and Wales) is required to have a suitable qualification.

All successful BIIAB APLH candidates are invited to activate their complimentary provisional BII membership. This is the first step to becoming a member of the professional body for the licensed hospitality sector and includes some bespoke benefits. Visit for more information.


CLICK HERE for details of what you will need when applying for your Personal Licence.

The qualification comprises of:

  • The roles, responsibilities and functions of licensing authorities within the framework of the licensing objectives

  • The application process for a personal licence

  • The role and legal responsibilities of the personal licence holder, and the penalties relating to failure to comply with the law

  • The premises licence

  • The content and purpose of operating schedules

  • The role and duties of the designated premises supervisor

  • Unauthorised and temporary licensable activities

  • Rights of entry to licensed premises

  • Police powers with regard to suspension and closure of licensed premises

  • The specific prohibitions for the sale of alcohol

  • The strengths of alcoholic drinks, and the effects of alcohol on the human body

  • The protection of children from harm

  • The responsible retail sale of alcohol.


Assessment: 40 Multiple choice questions

Recommended Training Materials: BIIAB Level 2 Award for Personal Licence Holders Handbook

Qualification title: BIIAB Level 2 Award for Personal Licence Holders (QCF)

Level: 2

QN: 501/1494/3

Credit: 1

Qualification type: QCF

Part of an apprenticeship: No

Regulation purpose: D. Confirm occupational competence and/or 'licence to practice'

Regulation sub purpose: D2. Confirm the ability to meet a 'licence to practice' or other legal requirements made by the relevant sector, professional or industry body

Those wishing to obtain a personal licence in Scotland will need the BIIAB Scottish Certificate for Personal Licence Holders at SCQF Level 6 (SCPLH) qualification. Click here for information

For additional information about the BIIAB APLH please click here for information