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Pubs, nightclubs, hotel and venue bars, they are all part of the licensed hospitality industry. It’s an industry that’s at the heart of every community, where most of us have memories of good times and great nights! Not surprisingly, it’s a sector that’s a mainstay of the British economy, revitalising itself year after year to remain modern and appealing. Thousands of young people’s first jobs, and often their favourite, are in licensed hospitality, many move on to other careers, but a growing number are realising this industry they know and love offers rewarding careers of epic proportions.


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BIIAB Apprenticeships
The BIIAB apprenticeships have been designed to develop skills, knowledge and understanding to work in the licensed hospitality industry (pubs, bars, clubs, hotels and restaurants).

BIIAB apprenticeships are delivered by our accredited training providers.

BIIAB currently offers qualifications in the following Apprenticeships:



Intermediate Apprenticeship in Licensed Hospitality

Advanced Apprenticeship in Licensed Hospitality

Job role - Bar Person, Assistant Bar Manager, Waiting Staff and Kitchen Staff

Job role - Bar Manager, Assistant Manager, Bar Person, new Licensee, Kitchen Manager

Level 2 - Qualifications at Level 2 are designed for learners already undertaking tasks related to the qualification subject area or for those who are preparing to enter the industry.

Level 3 - Learners undertaking qualifications at Level 3 will, as a general rule, have been working in the industry for some time and will have a good grasp of the basics. They will be working (or preparing to work) in a supervisory capacity in general work activities in the subject area of the qualification.

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Apprentices registered onto these frameworks may qualify for funding

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